Looking For Work For A Long Time? New To Job Searching? Not Getting Interviews? Not Getting Hired?

Discover Easy & Effective Ways To Get The Job You Want!

If you are a recent graduate or you’re new to job hunting, if you’ve been out of the workforce and haven’t looked for work in a long time, or if you’re simply having a hard time finding the job you really want, I can help.

“If you want to work, then your resume must first work for you!”

My name is Colin McClean and I’m an experienced Employment Counsellor, Job Developer, Recruiter and Employment Services Marketer. For more than 10 years I’ve helped job seekers learn essential job hunting skills to get the jobs they want.

I can tell you with 100% confidence that a great resume is one of three key tools that will get you employed. If you combine a great resume with good networking skills and follow-through habits, you’ll be way ahead of the average job applicant when it comes to finding work. Sure, it seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many job seekers miss nailing these essentials and miss out on great job opportunities.

Let Me Help You To Create A Resume That Works!

By downloading this FREE GUIDE, accessing the FREE RESOURCES, and subscribing to MY BLOG, you’ll gain valuable skills — in a fun, easy and effective way — that will increase your opportunities to get hired. You can also jump ahead and purchase my easy-to-follow guidebook, 

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To… My Career! (50 Practical Rules to Get The Job You Want!)  Available as an e-book or paperback, this fun, easy and effective guidebook takes you through today’s job searching essentials.

Either way, I’m here to help you find work. Let’s begin!

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