Not Getting Interviews? Not Getting Job Offers? Your Career Just Not Where You Want It To Be? I CAN HELP!

Discover Easy & Effective Ways To Get The Career You Want!

If you are unemployed or if you’re working but not in your ideal career, I can help. Whether it’s getting you in the right frame of mind to succeed; teaching you how to network effectively so you can meet people who can advance your career; ensuring your resume truly reflects the best you; or preparing you to ace your next job interview, I can help!

My name is Colin McClean. I’m an Author and Career Blacksmith (i.e. an experienced Employment Specialist and Challenge Coach). For more than half of my twenty-plus-year career, I’ve helped people learn essential job hunting and career advancement skills to get the jobs and careers they want. This is part of my larger life mission to help people achieve success by,

Challenging You to GrowOvercome Obstacles and Achieve Your Goals!

I can tell you with 100% confidence that a positive mindset, strategic networking skills, a great resume and interview mastery are four essentials to — not just get you employed — achieve your career aspirations. With these four keys you’ll be well ahead of the average job applicant when it comes to finding your dream position. Sure, it seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many people miss nailing these essentials and miss out on great career opportunities. To help you master these essentials, I’m pleased to offer a number of tools and resources either FREE or for a small financial investment in your future. Click the images or complete the form below for details:


Mindset for Career Success


80% of career opportunities stem from referrals and NETWORKING! Free How Master Networking Events Webinar

Get even more in-depth Networking Instruction with our newest online course, “Knockout Networking”:

Online Networking Course- Knockout Networking




Let Me Help You To Create A Resume That Works!

By downloading this FREE RESUME GUIDE, accessing the FREE RESOURCES, and subscribing to MY BLOG, you’ll gain valuable skills — in a fun, easy and effective way — that will increase your opportunities to get hired.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To… My Career! (50 Practical Rules to Get The Job You Want!)  Available as an e-book or paperback, this fun, easy and effective guidebook takes you through today’s job searching and interviewing essentials.

 50 Practical Rules To Get The Job You Want


Whether you’re looking for a job just to get the bills paid or seeking career advancement to achieve your life dreams, my team and I are here to help. So, as I always say…

…keep moving forward and looking upwards,


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