About Colin McClean

Colin McClean is a Career Blacksmith (Employment Specialist & Challenge Coach), Author and Motivational Speaker.

With twenty years of business experience, he’s spent more than ten of them working in employment counselling, job development, recruiting, and employment services marketing. As a Certified Adult Trainer, Colin’s life purpose is to keep Challenging You to Grow, Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Your Goals. He has recently launched, KeepMovingForward.ca, an online learning platform to help success seekers reach their Ultimate Career Victory.

Colin’s diverse career has always involved an element of training; from providing one-on-one coaching, to leading group sessions on new systems and applications, to delivering hundreds of workshops on career and personal development. In his course design and development, Colin incorporates theories of “multiple intelligences” to create fun games and exercises, which help diverse learners reach their goals and objectives in a safe and comfortable environment.

Colin’s experience as an Employment Specialist and Illustrator led to the publication of “A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To… My Career!”, a creative self-help guide that uses humour to help job seekers hone the skills they need to find work, even in challenging economic times. 

Colin LPI-SMALLConvesationAt BookLaunch

In 2012 Colin received the “Man of The Year Award” from a leadership building organization and was promoted to the position of Director of Training, where he led their largest group of participants to a successful course completion.

Colin’s overall philosophy is simple, “Anyone can learn if they are open to receive.” As such he encourages you to “Keep moving forward and looking upwards!

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