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Individuals, Groups & Companies Hire Colin McClean For:

Career Development

  • Job Hunting Information and Resources (*Free Resources also available!) 
  • Career Planning
  • Personal Growth Workshops

Organizational Development

  • Leadership Training & Development 
  • Team Building & Goal Attainment
  • Course Design


  • Illustration & Design
  • Independent Publishing Support


Feedback on Colin’s Services…

 “Colin is highly committed, and it shows in his results. Regardless of the obstacles that appear, Colin ensures that he completes on time and within his allotted budget. What is most impressive is that he never does this at the cost of the team. He always ensures that it is a team effort and consistently finds ways to grow members on his team by both sharing how he succeeds as well as giving other’s opportunities to succeed. I would recommend Colin for any role, especially where he needs to be counted on to get the job done, especially within a team environment”

 – B. Springer, Manager, Technology Support & Services


 “A gifted facilitator and community worker who truly connects to what is needed for the group. An excellent listener and possesses a wonderful ability to make people feel heard and understood. Innately, his way of being with people instills a sense of comfort that creates an environment of trust and safety. My experience working with him if he says he is going to do something it is as good as done, a coveted and rare trait that I highly respect about him. I see Colin as a peer and give him my highest recommendation as a coach and facilitator.”

 – W. Robinson, Certified Adult Learning Coach


 “Colin has created a great employment bible that has numerous take-away tips and tons of great humour. It’s perfect for reinforcing what’s important in finding your perfect career. This is a must read for everyone who is in transition in their employment!”

 – C. Skene CHt, CNLP, Managing Partner, Career Coaching






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