If You Want To Keep Your New Job, Don’t Monkey Around!

Yes, it can be a jungle out there looking for work. Sending out hundreds of resumes hoping that a hiring manager will rescue you from the quicksands of despair and endless interviews that never lead to a job offer. So when you do get a new job, do your best to keep it.

I have been there. And I know what a great feeling it is when you are finally offered a job.  At this point, however, all that glitters is not necessary gold! It is important to remember that employers are generally not looking to be flexible; they know what they want and there are many other people out there who will give them what they want and more.

As a Job Developer, many times I have given an applicant the full details of an available position and got him or her employed. But within a week of working, they were let go.  When I contacted the applicant to find out what went wrong, they shared with me they were unable to comply with what the company had requested in the job posting (e.g., there were certain days they were unable to work). This was extremely frustrating because I had repeatedly specified all the job requirements in our initial meetings and each time they had reassured me that they could meet all the necessary requirements and there would be no issues. Obviously, this was not the case or they would still have the job!

Taking these three steps can help you keep your new job:

  1. Research the position before you apply. Are there any factors that would prevent you from keeping the job? (E.g. if you are looking to work in a store, most likely you will be expected to work weekends because it is the busiest time of the week. If you are not available weekends, do not apply for the position.)
  2. Find solutions to your barriers to employment (e.g. finding child care arrangements, carpooling with a friend who may work close to the area )?
  3. Identify any skills (hopefully minor) that you may be lacking and seek out where you can acquire them. For example, a friend of mine accepted a position that required him to occasionally speak French. Unfortunately, his French was a little rusty. As a solution, he took a refresher conversational French course after work making him more fluent. In the end, he was able to keep the position.

Why take a chance and monkey around with your career? Remember, it’s a jungle out there looking for work and luck always favours the prepared.

Keep your new job! Don't Monkey Around.

My Challenge To You: If you have applied to a position do some research to find out if there are any factors that would prevent you from keeping the job. Identify what you could do to address the issue(s), if and when you are offered the position.

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